5 Basic Commands Every Dogs Needs to Know

Every dog needs to know five basic commands: sit, stay, stay, come and
Let him. You can think of them as safety orders and common sense.
safety and mental health. Here is an overview of each of these commands:
✓ Sit command: use the Sit command whenever you need your dog.
control himself. You can use the command to show your dog to try to to
the following:
• Sit politely to caress instead of jumping on people
• Sit at the door instead of running in front of you
• Sit down when you put food on the floor instead of trying to take it
come out of your hand
✓ The Down command: use the Down command whenever you want
dog to stay in the same place for long periods of time, for example when you are
having dinner
✓ The Come command: you must teach your dog the Come command
so you can call him when you hike when he wants
to hunt a squirrel or something else.
✓ The order to stay: when you want to teach your dog to stay
place without moving, teach him the command Stay.
✓ The Leave It command: you teach your dog the Leave It command
leave things alone when you do not want them.
Recognize the factors that
Influence success
Of the various factors that influence success, you are the most important.
You are the one who decides how to deal with the training and what you want
your dog to learn. Your dog is your responsibility and no matter your dog
what you do – good or bad – is under your control.
You have a good relationship with your dog
The purpose of the training is to create a mutually rewarding relationship – you are
happy and your dog is happy. To encourage this relationship, be aware of
how often do you use your dog’s name to change or control his behavior.
Your dog’s name is not a command and certainly is not a reproach. His name
it is used to get his attention and is then followed by an order.
Stop harassing yourself and learn to communicate with your dog during training. fire
Teach Buddy what you want him to do rather than what you do not want
I want you to do it. Above all, limit negative verbal communications, such as
“No” to emergencies. Shouting “no” several times is not the way to promote the good
A good relationship conjointly needs outlay quality time along. you can
spend time with your dog while you train, walk, play ball, etc.
Own a healthy dog
Your dog’s health has a huge influence on the success of his training. A dog
those who do not feel well will not learn well either. First, his health
it depends on what you feed it, you have to give it high quality food
provides the nutrients you need
Your dog also needs an annual visit to your veterinarian, preferably with
a blood test. The bathroom and the cleaning are just as important. If you
you live in an area where the deer walks, you have to check the ticks. Deer ticks
spread of Lyme disease, which can have debilitating effects on the dog. Ticks,
heartworms and internal and external parasites should be diagnosed
treated by your veterinarian.
Make training time a priority
One of the most common complaints we hear is, “I do not have the time to do it.
train my dog! First, consider training as a fun game – something of you and yours.
the dog likes to do together. This should not be a thankless task. Then identify the times
during the day when you interact the most with your dog.
Here are some moments where you can take advantage of training opportunities:
✓ Meal time: If your dog is still a puppy, give him four, three and four
maybe twice a day. Every meal is a training opportunity – teach
sit and stay before putting the dish. Make him wait
second or two, then let him eat. You will be surprised how fast
is recovering this routine. You can also put the dish first and
follow the same procedure.
✓ When you go out and enter the buildings: as we have four dogs, we
Consider the paths of the door as an absolute necessity. It is equally important for the
family with a dog, though. The dog usually takes about 30 seconds to understand that he has to wait before telling him
ok to go out (or enter). It is a question of coherence on your part until
the behavior becomes automatic.
✓ While you are relaxing with your dog: Leave it can be taught
while you watch TV. Give a gift to your favorite chair e
✓ During walks: every time you walk your dog, it’s a workout
the opportunity to teach him not to shoot, to sit on the sidewalk and heels when by passing other dogs.
These four commands teach your dog to focus on you and watch you
for direction – and they all occur as part of your daily routine.

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