14 Healthy Human Foods it is Also Beneficial to Dogs


3. Green beans

These veggies are perfect for dogs who are overweight and in need of a healthy snack. They can be prepared in any way, but they must be served alone. Green beans that have added salt, spices, onions, garlic, or oil should not be given to your dog. It is best to keep it simple and green to ensure the safety of your pet. Green beans are loaded with vitamins and minerals, providing the following benefits.


Vitamin A, K, and C are all present in green beans. The benefits of Vitamin A has already been mentioned, but it is not only that Vitamin K is vital for the blood clotting process. It will promote a healthy blood composition in dogs. Vitamin C aids in immune system support, thus ensuring a dog’s immunity. Iron is widely available in store-bought dog food and is essential for blood health. Iron combines with copper and protein to form red blood cells. These are responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood. While iron is found in meats, fish, and liver it is also found in green beans.

Magnesium is involved in any movement of your dog. This includes walking, breathing and even the beating of their heart. Processes which involve sodium, potassium, and calcium even require magnesium. The high content of this mineral in green beans makes them perfect for preventing magnesium deficiency.

Green beans are a true cornucopia of essential vitamins and minerals. These beans will provide a healthy, low-fat alternative to dog biscuits. They can be up to 50% of your dog’s diet, but it is recommended to introduce the product in small amounts.

4. Salmon

While this may seem like an unnecessarily expensive food to give your dog, it is recommended at most twice a week. It should not be fed to your dog uncooked and should be served completely unseasoned. If salmon proves to be pricey or hard to come by, it is not only beneficial fish. Cold-water fish such as tuna or herring are both acceptable, as well as a small amount of fish oil. Including these fishy delights in your dog’s diet will provide the following essential elements.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Even people load themselves on this oil, so it is very easy to see how it could be beneficial to your dog. This fatty acid will boost their immune system, reduce inflammation and keep their healthy and shiny coat. Salmon is a good source of protein. Due to the low-fat but high protein content of salmon, it is a very convenient source for dieting pooches. It is also a good substitute for a protein that may be allergic to other meats, such as chicken.

Salmon is generally included in high-end dog food products, thus reinforcing its super-food status. It can work wonders on your dog’s health. Dogs should only be given in small portions and the quality of the fish should be checked beforehand. Poor quality may contain a parasite which causes salmon poisoning disease. This disease is fatal and should be prevented at all costs.

Canned salmon is a suitable treat for doggies but it must be absolutely safe. If you’re thinking about serving your dog fresh, make sure there is no seasoning present.

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