14 Healthy Human Foods it is Also Beneficial to Dogs


5. Yogurt

This dairy product is a perfect treat for dogs in all seasons. The frozen variety could keep dogs cool in the summer, while normal yogurt would keep them cool and healthy. This treat is filled with calcium, just like milk. Yogurt is rich in calcium and will promote healthy teeth and bones in your furry family members. Probiotics are a strain of good bacteria naturally present in mammalian stomachs.


They facilitate the digestion of food, fight infections and are essential for the production and use of vitamins and minerals. Dogs and people without probiotics tend to become sick more often and are likely to suffer from recurring episodes of diarrhea. Yogurt is loaded with probiotics. It is a natural treatment for patients who have damaged or decreased amounts of this bacteria.

If your dog is suffering from diarrhea or has been unusually sick lately, it may be time to introduce yogurt into your diet. Small dogs can receive 1 to 2 teaspoons, while medium-sized dogs can have 1 to 2 tablespoons and large dogs up to 4 tbsp. This can be given to your dog directly or can even be incorporated into his normal food. Yogurt can be extremely beneficial for your dog, but not all varieties are suitable.

Any yogurt containing artificial sweeteners or added sugar must absolutely be avoided. It’s best to stick to a reputed brand of natural yogurt. Also, make sure the purchased yogurt contains active live cultures. Yogurts that do not have them are almost useless. Cottage cheese is also good, but if it seems like your dog is having trouble digesting dairy products, avoid both.

6. Chicken

For pet owners who are unable to feed their fish dogs, chicken is a perfectly healthy option. As with other human foods that can be served to dogs, the chicken should be served completely unseasoned. It is essential not to use bone or chicken fat. Cooked chicken bones pose a choking hazard because they can break and block or even tear the trachea or digestive tract. Properly prepared chicken can provide the following health benefits.

Chicken is a source of lean protein that will provide your dog with large amounts of energy and sustenance. Omega 6 fatty acids, like omega 3, will provide your dog with a healthy coat. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, essential for all bodily functions. Specifically, the chicken contains amino acid glucosamine, known to promote bone health.

There are also various B vitamins in the chicken. Commercial dog foods claim to contain vitamin B, but they do not reveal how fragile the source is. If these foods stay in the sun or are too hot, the various B vitamins are almost destroyed. This is not the case with chicken and as these vitamins help the metabolism, maintain the nervous system and much more. Chicken is an invaluable source of many B vitamins. Antioxidants strengthen the body’s immune system, helping to fight infections.

The chicken can be given to your dog as an additive to his usual food or even as a temporary replacement. It should not be served raw because there is a small risk of salmonella. A readily available chicken meal is a chicken whose moisture has been reduced, thereby increasing the protein content.


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