14 Healthy Human Foods it is Also Beneficial to Dogs


7. pumpkin

Like salmon, pumpkin is great food. It contains a large number of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. These aids in the health of the urinary tract. Pumpkin seeds and skins contain certain oils. These oils will help maintain the health of your dog’s urinary tract. Dogs with urinary incontinence could certainly use pumpkin in their diet. Pumpkin also regulates digestion. This is due to a large amount of fiber in the pumpkin. The fibers regulate digestion and add volume to the stool, reducing the incidence of diarrhea in your dog.


It even helps with weight loss. The pumpkin provides all these nutrients but does not contain extra calories. By replacing some of your dog’s usual foods with pumpkin, you can help your dog get rid of those extra pounds that are unhealthy and uncomfortable. It is known to be a natural deworming agent. Pumpkin seeds have an amino acid called cucurbitacin. This has been seen to effectively rid humans and dogs of certain parasites that develop in the digestive tract.

Literally, the whole pumpkin can be given to your dog. The seeds can be crushed and sprinkled on their food and the rest can simply be cooked and fed directly. The pumpkin can not only improve the health of your dog, but it is also very tasty.

It should not be difficult to convince your dog to eat this without the need to add spices or oils. Small dogs can be fed 1 to 2 teaspoons a day, that is 1 to 2 tablespoons for medium-sized dogs and up to 5 tablespoons for large dogs. Every kilo your dog weighs can be fed daily with a quarter of a teaspoon of pumpkin seed powder.

8. peanut butter

This tasty spread should not only be included in your diet, but also in your dogs. If you buy a healthy and organic product, it could be an amazing addition to your dog’s meals. Peanut butter contains a lot of vitamins.

Vitamin E strengthens the immune system by ensuring that your dog does not get sick. It is already known that vitamin B is essential for the health of the coat and coat. The specific proteins and fats in peanut butter are desirable because they do not have a negative impact on your dog’s heart. This treat will provide the nutrients needed for energy and growth without the added unhealthy fats that come with other sources of protein.

Niacin is the name of a vitamin that is part of the vitamin B family. This family of vitamins as a whole contributes to the health of the skin and coat. In particular, this vitamin also promotes good circulation. Giving your dog a tablespoon of peanut butter from time to time can be very beneficial, but there are a few things to consider. First, too much peanut butter can not only contribute to obesity but also pancreatitis.

If you are unsure of the amount of peanut butter to give to your dog, your first call to the port should be your vet. Another option is simply to follow the 10% rule. Here, you limit your dog’s treats to only 10% of the total amount of food they eat. The peanut butter brands that are suitable for dogs are those that contain no sugar, no sodium, are low in fat and absolutely do not contain xylitol. This sugar replacement may not affect many people, but it is extremely dangerous for dogs.


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