Look Mom Tells Boy He Can Pick Any Animal at Shelter. He Picked This Elderly, Overweight and Shy Cat beautiful

When Easton entered the shelter with his mother, he had an instant connection with the huge orange senior cat. That’s when it became official – Tiny was going to a new house.

When Easton, his mother, and Tiny drove home – Tiny was let out of his cage and immediately went to snuggle up and bond with his new owner. It was clear that he was extremely grateful to return home with a new family.

Even though the shelter called the big cat “shy”, it did not take long for him and Easton to be like long-time old friends. It’s obvious that his size matches his heart’s – Tiny is just a big cat teddy bear.

We wish and hope that each cat can end up in a loving and caring home, as did Tiny. Trinity can be verified by contacting the Exploits Valley SPCA.

The entire Facebook post is below; It is obvious from the comments that the entire Internet could not be happier for Tiny – and Easton!

Easton’s mother told him he could adopt a new pet. He had a choice between a puppy and a cat. He chose to adopt Tiny, a 10-year-old cat who had just lost his home. On the way back, Tiny came out of his cage and snuggled up against his new owner. He’s stuck to it ever since. ❤️ Great job Easton, Tiny is a lucky cat!

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