The extinction of cheetahs resulted from two years ago because smugglers are selling to three-quarters of wild cubs to wealthy Arabs as pets


The cheetah is the fastest land mammal in the world and needs space to run and a particular diet.

Most Gulf owners do not know how to take care of their new “pets” and the majority of captive cheetahs die after a year or two, experts told CNN.


Veterinarians in the Gulf countries also confirmed that cheetahs suffer from metabolic and digestive disorders because they are not fed properly.

A veterinarian said that captivity was “a stalemate for cheetahs”

Dr. Marker said, “People who have a cheetah as a pet do away with the species.”


Publications on social networks show cheetahs lying on luxury cars, lurking in luxury mansions and pushed into swimming pools.

Others are force-fed with ice creams and lollipops, while others are ridiculed by their owners.

A cheetah is filmed dying on the camera.

In one publication, a video shows a cheetah “pet” watching a National Geographic show and visibly shaking when he sees a cheetah on the screen.

“She is obsessed with her family,” reads the legend.

In a statement to CNN, the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment denied the existence of cheetahs in private homes in the country and said all Cheetahs in the country were in “licensed facilities”.

Annex 1 of the Convention on International Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora prohibits trade in cheetahs.

But wildlife trade is an important activity and shows no sign of stopping.

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