Janitor go out because he hears a weird noises but he surprised when he find abandonet puppy with sad message

A school janitor was preparing to finish his work when he heard a strange noise coming from the door. Curiosity got the best of the concierge and he decided to check what kind of animal produced these mysterious sounds. To his surprise, it was a box with a little puppy and a sad message. You have to stay for # 16 and # 4 because you will not believe how cute the abandoned dog is.

This is the story of a little guy called Snowflake. One day, this pretty puppy appeared on the steps of a school where a janitor found it. He was inside a cardboard box, but the concierge noticed something strange.

It was a normal weekday in the American city of Detroit, and a school janitor was finishing his night shift. He still had a corridor to clean, and after that, he could go home.

The janitor was focused on his job as he wanted to clean the last hallway and get home as quickly as possible. However, something was bothering him.

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