Janitor go out because he hears a weird noises but he surprised when he find abandonet puppy with sad message

The concierge finished his work and he decided to go see what was making this noise. He was a little scared to meet a wild animal, although he knew it was very unlikely.

The animal that made the strange sounds of the grunt was an abandoned puppy. The sad puppy was scared and he was alone, so he was making so much noise … he was asking for help.

One of the saddest things about the abandoned dog was that it was very cold outside. So, that was probably the reason behind his grunt.

Besides, the concierge could not help but feel touched by the dog’s expressions. For example, the following photo was taken the same night. Look at his face: he looks sad, almost as if he knew that his owner has abandoned him and is now homeless. Is not it heartbreaking?

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