Janitor go out because he hears a weird noises but he surprised when he find abandonet puppy with sad message

But even if nobody comes looking for Snowflake, we can be sure that this adorable dog will find a house very quickly.

To make things even better, Snowflake has started to make a lot of friends within the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue organization. The dog gets all the love he needs and deserves.

Although it started as a sad story, Snowflake is now safe and sound. Besides, he will surely find an adoptive home in no time. But look at the pictures below: did you see how many toys he has?

Just look at those puppy eyes, is not Snowflake the most adorable puppy of all time? It’s a shame that the person who put Snowflake in the box could not keep it, but I’m pretty sure he’s enjoying his stay in the host family with his new Christmas clothes!

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