New Owner Was Going To Return Shelter Dog, But Then He Read A Letter From The Previous Owner


Anthony did one of the most selfless acts a person can do. He adopted a dog from the shelter, Reggie. After bringing the pup home, he didn’t really think they were a good fit. Poor Reggie wasn’t responding to his name and he seemed downright sad.

Anthony thought bringing him back to the shelter was the right move. Another family would make him happy, right? That was before he found a letter from the previous owner, changing his life and Reggie’s forever.

A New Town Means A New Dog

Anthony had just moved to a college town six months prior, but even so, he knew it was going to be a great fit. Everyone was hospitable, and no matter the time of day, people would always say hello. But a new town can be difficult when you’re single and have no one to go home to.


Luckily for Anthony, the local shelter had just put a Labrador up for adoption in the paper. The listing said his name was Reggie.

Reggie, The Most Popular Dog At The Shelter

When he contacted the shelter about Reggie, Anthony was surprised to hear that a number of people had already asked about the lab. He had just seen the listing in the paper, after all. Thankfully, the shelter didn’t think any of the people were a good fit for the pooch.

Anthony, on the other hand, knew instantly that Reggie was the dog for him. It was strange though, along with Reggie himself, the previous owner had left behind a dog bed, food bowl, toys, and a mysterious letter.

No One Ever Said This Was Going To Be Easy

It’s said that the first day is always the most difficult, and that couldn’t be more true for Anthony and Reggie. The new dog owner literally had to carry a scared Reggie through the front door. Not the greatest start for man’s best friend.

Just looking into Reggie’s brown eyes, Anthony knew something horrible had happened to him. There was a trauma there that wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. The people at the shelter weren’t sure what happened to him, though, so it was a guessing game.

Two Weeks Down And Nothing Was Working

After two weeks of housing Reggie, Anthony decided it was time to bring him back to the shelter. Maybe another family would have better luck in making him happy.

“When the two weeks were up, I felt it was time and that I had to take him back. I knew the number for the shelter would be amongst his old stuff, and I remembered leaving it there in one of the boxes in the guest room,” he said.




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