Block Post: [TOP] 30 Human Foods That Are Safe to Feed Cats

11. Turkey

Turkey is lean meat cats love. It’s an honest source of protein and is usually found in commercial cat foods. Give your cat some turkey breast as a secure snack.

Remove any skin, bone and fat from a roasted turkey before giving it to your cat. The bones can splinter, and an excessive amount of fat is simply as bad for your cat because it is for you.

The organ meats of the turkey, like the liver, gizzards or heart, offer great nutritional benefit as long as you cook them first. In summer, cook and freeze gizzards as a refreshing treat. Dehydrated gizzards are an incredible chewy snack which will help keep your cat’s teeth healthy.

Once again, if you’re introducing a replacement food to your cat, roll in the hay slowly in small amounts and see how their gastrointestinal system responds.

10. Beef

Beef is usually utilized in commercial cat chow . It’s a superb source of protein, vitamins B, E, K and D, also as minerals like iron, selenium and zinc. Never feed raw beef to your cat. After it’s cooked, confirm you remove any gristle and fat.

Leaner beef is best for them, and you ought to cut it into small pieces that are easy to chew.

Extra-lean hamburger is another good source of protein for your cat. If you’re cooking hamburger and you would like to share, confirm to line some aside for your cat before you season it. Your cat will enjoy the natural flavor, and you would like to avoid spices which will upset the stomach.

One or two ounces of hamburger make an excellent snack. If you’ve got a bigger amount, you’ll always freeze it and serve it another day.

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