Block Post: [TOP] 30 Human Foods That Are Safe to Feed Cats

9. Apples

Apples are safe for your pet as long as you remove the seeds and skin. The seeds within the core of the apple contain cyanogenic glycoside (cyanide) which is extremely harmful to them. The skin may contain pesticides, which also are harmful.

You can safely feed your cat the flesh of the apple, and it’s an honest source of vitamin C and fiber.

Don’t give your cat an excessive amount of apple directly , as this will cause an indigestion . Cooked, mashed apples are excellent for your cat unless they’re filled with spice. Some spices will make your cat ill. Apples soaked in sugary sauces also are not an honest idea because the sugar content is just too high.

The bottom line is that apple in small doses can have some health benefit; especially if it’s given as an alternate to unhealthy high-fat pet treats.

8. Peas

Perhaps you’re keen on eating fresh peas straight from the pod, and you’ve wondered if they’re safe for your cat. Peas contain vitamins C, K and B1, also as minerals like iron, copper and potassium.

As a starchy food that’s high in fiber, they’ll help if your cat suffers from constipation. you’ll have noticed that some cat foods contain peas in their list of ingredients, and this is often actually because of their fiber content.

Cats enjoy fresh, frozen or cooked peas. If the peas are frozen, confirm they’re soft enough to chew without causing choking. Fresh peas are better than those during a can.

If your cat has never eaten peas before, try mashing them in with food they enjoy, like salmon. Avoid seasoning the peas because the plainer they’re , the higher .

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