Block Post: [TOP] 30 Human Foods That Are Safe to Feed Cats

7. Cheese

Cheese is healthy for humans and cats unless they’re lactose intolerant. If you would like to feed your cat some cheese, try a minimal amount first to ascertain how the gastrointestinal system handles it.

Soft cheeses, like brie, are often higher in lactose, so stick with the hard cheeses, like cheddar. Cheddar may be a good source of protein and calcium.

Too much cheese isn’t good for your cat, especially cheeses that are filled with fat and salt. Cheese isn’t nearly as good a source of protein as meat and portion control is extremely important when feeding your cat cheese.

If you simply give cheese occasionally to your cat as a special treat, you’ll be ready to use it to urge them to ingest medicine. Some cat owners grind up pills and put the powder in cheese to urge their cats to require it.

6. Bread

Bread is another food you’ll safely feed your cat. As long because the bread is correctly baked and doesn’t contain yeast in its raw state, it can provide your cat with some fiber and nutrients.

Never give your cat raw dough because it’ll still rise in its stomach and alimentary canal , which can have serious consequences.

If you feed your cat bread, stick with whole grain bread and avoid any bread that contains garlic or onion in any form. an excessive amount of bread isn’t an honest idea, as your cat doesn’t need all the carbohydrates.

Consuming too many carbs doesn’t leave room within the diet for the protein and fat felines need. As long as your cat is healthy and has lean weight , a touch little bit of bread once in a while won’t cause problems.

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