Block Post: [TOP] 30 Human Foods That Are Safe to Feed Cats

3. Eggs

Cooked eggs offer your cat an honest source of protein and B vitamins. Raw eggs, on the opposite hand, may contain bacteria so you ought to not feed them to your cat. Unless your pet is allergic to eggs, it’s perfectly fine for it to eat cooked eggs.

Eggs are very nutritious, but they are doing not provide your cat with complete, well-balanced nutrition. If you fed your cat nothing but eggs, it might develop nutritional deficiencies.

If you’re eating an omelette, there’s no problem in sharing a touch together with your cat as long as you haven’t added onions or garlic.

Cats should be fed eggs carefully , and this doesn’t mean one egg each day – which is like about eight eggs for an individual . Your cat will probably love sharing your breakfast with you, but this could be an occasional treat.

2. Chicken

Cats are meat eaters, and that they need a diet high in protein to be healthy. They love eating chicken, and it’s a healthy, safe protein for them. Chicken breasts are best because they contain the smallest amount fat.

Make sure it’s well cooked, though. Remove any bones, because they will splinter easily and obtain stuck within the throat, or the sharp splinters may damage the alimentary canal . If a chicken has been cooked with hot spice, it’s going to not be suitable for your cat. Keep it bland and take away any fat and skin.

If your cat is affected by diarrhea, offer him or her alittle bowl of boiled chicken and rice rather than cat chow and continue with this until diarrhea passes.

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