Block Post: [TOP] 30 Human Foods That Are Safe to Feed Cats

1. Salmon

Salmon may be a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids for humans. the good news is that it’s even as healthy for cats. this is often a nutritious treat your cat will love, and you’ll freely share it without fear about the results .

Commercial cat foods many even contain salmon because it is such an honest source of nutrients.

When feeding your cat salmon, you are doing got to take a couple of precautions. confirm the salmon is cooked, because raw salmon could make your cat ill thanks to harmful bacteria or parasites. Don’t share your sushi!

It’s also important to form sure any bones are removed, or they might grind to a halt in your pet’s throat and cause choking. Remember, too, that salmon is rich, and you ought to limit portion sizes to stop your cat from overindulging.

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