Block Post: [TOP] 30 Human Foods That Are Safe to Feed Cats

25. Sardines

There is no more stereotypical sight than a cheerful cat with a fish. So, what’s the reality about fish and cats? Sardines can make a tasty reward for a cat that they’re going to love from the instant they first smell them.

Canned or tinned sardines are an honest source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids for your feline friends. Sardines don’t live long enough to store toxins in their bodies, like another large fish.

If the sardines are canned in sunflower-seed oil , drain off the oil before giving to your cat. Don’t feed your pet sardines in spaghetti sauce . If you happen to possess a food dehydrator, you’ll even dehydrate a batch of sardines and chop or slice them into tiny pieces for treats.

Sardines should never tend to the exclusion of other foods, and will only form a small a part of a healthy cat’s diet.

24. chicken stock

It are often a challenge to urge your kitty to consume enough water. Many cats don’t drink much water and are fussy about how you offer it to them. Adding some low-sodium chicken stock to food will increase water consumption and supply a low-calorie treat.

If your cat has bladder stones, increasing water consumption is extremely important.

It is best to offer your cat homemade chicken stock because commercially available broths usually contain tons of sodium and should contain spices that are toxic to cats. Salt can disrupt their balance

All you would like to try to to to form the broth is cook the chicken meat and obtain obviate the bones. chicken stock can make sure that a cat remains hydrated, even when it’s an indigestion . It also can help them get over an illness.

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