Block Post: [TOP] 30 Human Foods That Are Safe to Feed Cats

23. Asparagus

For humans, asparagus may be a delicious, nutritious, low-calorie food. It contains fiber, a variety of vitamins and may be a good source of potassium, which is useful for vital sign and heart health.

If your cat is eating your houseplants, he probably needs some roughage or fiber. Asparagus may be a good source of fiber for your pet and isn’t dangerous or toxic for your cat in small amounts.

Too much asparagus can cause tract problems because its high alkalinity can adversely affect the chemical composition of the urine. If you select to offer your cat some asparagus, confirm it’s washed and boiled, steamed or grilled.

The asparagus must even be freed from salt and other seasonings. Cooked and in tiny portions, your cat may eat asparagus, but it should never constitute a considerable a part of the food it eats on a daily basis.

22. Game meats

Those who want to feed their cats a raw-meat diet will often use game meats to undertake and replicate the natural diet as closely as possible. If a cat suffers from an allergy to common meats, game meats could also be the solution .

Game meats like duck, rabbit and venison contain less fat than commercially raised animals. Eats each animal also has different nutrient content, so feeding a spread of meats from different sources can help to offer your pet a full range of nutrients.

If you’ve got access to game meats, chop them up finely or run them through a grinder before feeding to your cat.

Feeding meat to cats is controversial. Some people believe it’s dangerous thanks to the pathogens that are usually killed when food is cooked. Others think a raw-food diet for cats is that the best choice .

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