Block Post: [TOP] 30 Human Foods That Are Safe to Feed Cats

21. Broccoli

It may be an unlikely scenario that your cat would sniff the broccoli on your plate and need to undertake it. However, for those that want to understand if it’s safe for your cat to eat – the solution is yes. Some cats enjoy eating plants sometimes once they need the roughage – perhaps they have a hairball they need to urge obviate .

If you notice your cat eating your houseplants, keep them away because they’ll be poisonous, and provides them some broccoli instead.

Broccoli is filled with fiber and may be a great source of antioxidants that contains vitamin C and K. The vitamin K in broccoli improves calcium absorption and enhances bone health.

Wash the broccoli thoroughly and cook it until it’s easily digestible. once more , introduce it slowly a touch bit at a time to ascertain how your cat’s stomach responds.

20. Meat-based baby food (onion and garlic free)

Meat-based baby food may be a good option if your cat is recovering from an illness and doesn’t have much of an appetite. A cat that has had a tooth removed or any oral surgery will probably enjoy being fed baby food.

It’s essential to see the ingredient list for onion or garlic before feeding baby food to your cat, as these ingredients are dangerous for cats.

Don’t feed your cat baby food instead of cat chow all the time but only you are feeling it’s going to help them to eat rather than not eating in the least .

It is easy to freeze any extra baby food into ice cubes to form convenient treats. Most baby foods are conveniently plain, low in fat and may be an honest source of protein.

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