Block Post: [TOP] 30 Human Foods That Are Safe to Feed Cats

17. Cantaloupe

If you’re enjoying some cantaloupe, your cat could also be curious enough to undertake some, too. Cats seem to be interested in cantaloupe, and one among the explanations might be the smell – many of an equivalent amino acids in meat are found in melons in much smaller quantities.

If you’ve got a cat that seems to be a cantaloupe-lover, don’t worry – he or she will have a bite or two once in a while . it’s full of beta-carotene for healthy eyes and skin, and is filled with antioxidants to spice up the system .

Freeze a bit or two for a cool treat, mash it up or hack a couple of pieces, but avoid giving quite this because it could cause gastrointestinal upset. It also contains quite little bit of sugar, and you don’t want your cat to place on weight and suffer from health problems.

16. Fish oil

Oily fish are an upscale source of omega-3 fatty acids, and humans often supplement their diets with animal oil . Do these oils have any benefit for cats?

Healthy cats that eat a high-quality, well-balanced diet are unlikely to be lacking fatty acids. If your cat is young and healthy, animal oil makes no sense , but if a cat is unwell or older, supplemental animal oil could also be of benefit.

Various studies have shown that older cats whose diets are supplemented with animal oil appear to be subject to fewer heart attacks and strokes, and it also seems to assist improve the prognosis of cats with renal disorder .

A common use of animal oil in cats is to assist prevent dry skin and keep a cat’s coat healthy. Add animal oil to any of the food your cat eats typically or to snacks you share.

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