Block Post: [TOP] 30 Human Foods That Are Safe to Feed Cats

15. Blueberries

Blueberries are an outstanding source of vitamins A and C. they’re also crammed with antioxidants, which support the system and help the body to defend itself against disease and illness. they’re low in fats and calories, and lower in sugar than many other fruits.

Some cat food manufacturers incorporate blueberries or blueberry powder into their cat foods for these nutritional benefits.

Cats can’t taste sweet flavors, but they’re known to love trying new textures and tastes. They like wet treats so your cat may alright enjoy trying out a mashed, whole or frozen blueberry.

Many cats love frozen blueberries, which they’re sufficiently small to make a secure treat and offer beneficial fiber and water at the same time. Feed your cat just two to three blueberries at a time as too many can cause digestive issues.

14. Whole grains

Allergies to grains are rare in cats, and it shouldn’t be necessary to feed your cat “grain free” pet food. Common grains found in commercial cat food include rice, wheat and corn. Of course, some pet foods contain cheap fillers which are unhealthy and you need to avoid these.

Cats can eat whole-grain snacks like corn or polenta. they only just like the texture of coarsely ground cornmeal and have a bent to prefer smaller grains like couscous and millet.

Cook all grains before feeding them to your cat so as that they’re easier to digest and you will find that your cat prefers them once they’re well mashed.

Their diets should consist mostly of protein, rather than overdoing the grains, but slightly grain is unlikely to harm them. It does contain some valuable nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fiber, and essential fatty acids.

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