[Look] 27 Dog breeds that weren’t meant for your home

Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro was bred to assist their owners catch or trap animals of varying sizes. They chase after animals then corner them, expecting their owner to arrive and kill or catch the trapped animal. Fila Brasileiros tend to dislike visitors it doesn’t know but will hold close their owners.

Because they’re generally bred to be hostile, it are often tricky to seek out one that doesn’t exhibit aggressive behavior. this will further increase its difficulty to manage, especially within the home. Even training it from a young age might not get obviate its untrusting behavior if not done properly.


The Bullmastiff may be a purebred dog that’s originally a cross between the Bulldog and Mastiff. they’ll jump at visitors repeatedly until told to prevent . this is often especially dangerous if they prefer to hop on a toddler . The Bullmastiff weights up to 130 pounds and grows up to a touch longer than two feet.

Bullmastiffs are great guard dogs thanks to their size and weight; it’s originally what they were bred for. Guarding comes naturally, but additional, consistent training is important for a Bullmastiff to become acclimated to home life. Bullmastiffs have a shorter lifespan than most dogs at a mean of only eight years.

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