[Look] 27 Dog breeds that weren’t meant for your home


The Tosa is that the only dog breed still used for legal dog fighting in Japan. they will be dangerous dogs since they need been bred to fight for several years. thanks to their reputation, there are several countries that ban the Tosa including Denmark, the uk , Australia, and Germany.

Unfortunately, the first purpose of making this breed is for dog fighting. As a result, they’re mistreated and horrible for home life. It wouldn’t be an honest idea to stay one, albeit you’ll get ahold of 1 . they’re large and powerful dogs and not meant to be kept indoors.


Another dog , the Weimaraner is susceptible to chasing other animals. they need an outsized amount of energy and wishes to be exercised and fed properly. One big problems with owning a Weimaraner is that they have a tendency to possess bad separation anxiety. they will become overly attached to their owners.

If dogs who have developed this issue occupy home, they’ll destroy property and even hurt themselves within the process. they will even be incredibly loud, barking and howling when their owners are faraway from home. they have to be rather well trained so as to stop that from happening.

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