Hero dogs can be found anywhere. But they thrive in extremely dangerous situations such as war zones. Like their counterparts in the police, military dogs risk their lives by helping their masters detect explosives and protect military bases.

Some military dogs go beyond their job descriptions by developing a bond with their fellow soldiers. This unnamed Belgian Malinois posted to Syria is one of them.

360-degree ambush

The Malinois from Belgium was on a routine patrol mission with six members of the Special Air Service (SAS) in a small Syrian village when they were suddenly ambushed by enemy forces from all sides.

Although the group immediately defended itself by raining its attackers, it seemed that the jihadists would soon get around them. It was in this brawl that the brave dog moved up a gear and helped protect British soldiers in trouble.

He managed to defeat one of the jihadists by throwing himself on it and soon fought against two others. Shortly after, the six enemy soldiers turned around and fled.

According to military sources, the incident occurred more than two months ago but was only made public recently for security reasons.